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Sustainable Agricultural Land Tenure Initiative

This site is intended to assist landowners and farmers develop farm lease arrangements that are profitable and sustainable for the landowner, the farmer, the community, and the land.

Sustaining Our Iowa Land (SOIL) Conference Follow-up:
Event program, documents and evaluation available.

The Landowner’s Toolbox

There are four primary tools available on this site. A description of each tool and access to the tools can be found in the Landowner’s Toolbox.

Recent Projects

Rights and Duties of Entity Ownership of Iowa Farm Land
This project addressed two critical issues: the challenges and opportunities presented by increased entity ownership of Iowa farmland and the increasing off-farm landowner knowledge and appreciation of the land and resilient farm practices. See full results of the Leopold Center supported research.

Climate Extremes and Farm Leases
Landowners and farmers can address climate extremes through provisions that provide transparency in farm management decision making and off-set factors that may encourage risk-taking in relation to climate extremes. See full results of the Leopold Center supported research.