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Landowner Tools

The Landowner’s Guide to Sustainable Farm Leasing

This guide is meant to introduce landowners to the principle issues regarding the use of a lease agreement to promote a sustainable farm operation. The guide covers a variety of topics ranging from the importance of a written lease agreement and notice of termination laws to allowances for on-farm marketing and ecosystem services contracts.


Determining Priorities and Exploring Possibilities

There is no single method or form lease that can be used to promote conservation while meeting the priorities of the landowner and tenant. It is one of the goals of this project to promote creative lease contracts that take landowner and tenant needs into consideration while enabling tenant’s to conserve farm resources. This tool is designed with the purpose of giving landowners and others quick access to information that relates to their personal needs and concerns.


The Quick Reference Guide

A short introduction on how to enable sustainable practices on your leased farmland. The guide contains examples of lease provisions to help illustrate the notions discussed. Links to additional resources that contain more in-depth information are also included throughout the guide.