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Quick Reference

The pages below provide more detailed information on a number of topics as well as links to additional resources. Much of this information is embedded throughout the online Landowner’s Guide but is also provided here for quick reference.

Tenancy Law

Statutes and case law address many aspects of the farm tenancy relationship. Generally, the law is used to govern the relationship where the lease agreement is silent, although, there are circumstances where the law does supersede terms agreed upon within the lease. Thus, both the terms of the lease agreement as well as statutes and common law govern the duties of both landlord and tenant. Many of the terms and laws will have an impact, either direct or indirect, on the adoption of sustainable practices on the leased premises. It is, therefore, important to understand the influence of the terms and laws on the behavior of both parties.

Conservation Law

There are a number of laws related to conservation on agricultural land. Many of these laws provide incentive programs to encourage landowners and farmers to adopt environmentally friendly practices. There are some mandatory regulations involving conservation. Its import for landowners to be aware of both.

Useful Contacts

These links will connect you to organizations providing additional information or assistance relating to sustainable agriculture, farmland leasing, or both. A brief description of the organization is included.


These publications have been collected and organized to provide efficient research on a variety of areas affecting agricultural land tenure and sustainability. Links are provided where available. Topics range from the correlation of land tenure and adoption of conservation practices to environmental regulation of agriculture to beginning farmers.


The Sustainable Farm Lease Glossary contains a number of key terms to understand farm lease arrangements. The page also has links to glossaries with definitions relating to conservation and sustainable agriculture.

Form Leases

These leases are provided as examples of what is available and are not necessarily adequate in promoting a sustainable farm operation. In fact, while certain leases below are designed with conservation as a priority, others do not address conservation aspects at all. It is also important to recognize that the example leases with conservation or sustainability as a specific goal do not necessarily contain provisions applicable to all situations. These leases, however, do provide examples of provisions that can be used and are valuable as tools to promote thoughtful discussion and development of lease arrangements between landlord and tenant.